We can provide films as per individual customer’s requirements. we can slit the rolls and tailor as per customer’s need. We have following packaging films.

PET Films:
Full range of PET film which includes Chemicals Coated Films, Opaque White Films, Matte Films, Co-Extruded Clear & Ultra Clear Films, High Strength yarn grade films for the converting industry, graphic art industry, electrical insulation applications, labels, release liner coating and other wide range of applications.

BOPP Films:
Thin Films, Matte Film, Over Wrap Films, Heat Sealable Films, Metallized Films, Label Films, Opaque White & P.S. tape / Garment Bag film etc.

Metallized Films:
Metallized BOPET Films are used for Flexible, Packaging, Metallic Yarn, Sequins For Textiles, Decoratives Etc. Metallized BOPP, Film are used for Flexible Packaging, Gift wraps, & Decorative, The Thickness of films ranging 10 micron – 150 micron, that max width is 2850 mm, and min width is 210 mm that can be slitted into different sizes as per customer’s specifications.

  • Plasma treatment film increases the shelf life & barrier properties.
  • Pinhole free Metallizing for the metallic yarn segment.

CPP Films:
Range includes Transparent, Opaque, Metallisable / Mertallised Films.

  1. Anti-Fog
  2. Both Side Treated (BST)
  3. High Speed
  4. Holographic
  5. Low COF
  6. Low Temperature Seal (LTS)
  7. Medical
  8. Peelable Seal
  9. Retort
  10. Twist Wrap
  11. Wide- Window Sealing Range

LDPE Stretch: Machine & Hand Wrap Films

  • Industrial Wrap Film
  • Food Wrap Film
  • Protective Film
  • Agricultural Film

Coated & Laminated Films
Coated Film: Speciality coated films like PVDC , Acrylic , Low Temperature Seal & High Seal Integrity Coatings.
The main feature of our PVDC coating enhance the moisture, gas and aroma barrier of the film where as acrylic coating facilitate printability, sealability and seal integrity of the film.